I bought the Garrett AT PRO on 03/10/2014

Hello to Everyone!

well exactly one week ago today I finally saved up the Money to buy me what I’ve always wanted


I got it in yesterday and had the chance to put it together today but i have not had a chance to take

it out and try it yet because there’s still a lot of snow on the ground. i bought the at pro off of the

Kellyco.com website and got their at pro spring special that comes with the 5 by 9 double D Coil

with a coil cover and a coil cover for the 8 and a half by 11 double D search coil, and a camo

diggers pouch, and a Garrett 50th Anniversary Cap and $671.00 worth of Accessories!! I’m so

Excited to get out in the field and try it out. I kind of know what all the button’s do cause i watched

a lot of you tube videos before i bought the AT PRO. now with the at pro i can be able to search for

Deeper Targets and start finding the real old coins and relics… well until next time when i try out

my at pro i will write about it and tell everyone how it was and what i found. Take Care and may God

Bless You All…

Metal Detector

Metal Detector



Today is 02/25/2014

Hello to everyone,

well today i woke up and thought to myself… hmmm don’t have to work, don’t have to dialyse

i might just as well go treasure hunting. so i hopped into my car and drove about an hour towards

south and stopped at a town called waverly Iowa and i went to the park there just to see what i

could find and found nothing. so i started heading home and stopped at another park in a different

town. i forgot what the name of it was… but anyway’s i started to metal detect and got a solid hit

on something that was about 7 inches deep, so i started digging and to my surprise i found a necklace

it said 14 k on the clasp. so i took it in to the Jewlery store and they gave me $90.00 for it. what a big

score for the day. anyway’s I wished I would of remembered to take a pic of it first before i sold it. lol oh

well. until next time may god bless everyone!!

Hello to everyone!!

Hello to everyone, first of all i would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!! now i have not been

able to metal detect cause of the bittery cold and all the snow. i just wanted to let everyone know that

I’m still here and still active on my website just not lately because of the winter. I’m saving up to get

me a new metal detector: Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector. can’t wait to get it and start metal detecting

again this summer. well that’s it for now. i’ll write more when i have more to tell you. until then may

God Bless everyone and be safe.  take care!!

My Treasures For 11/08/2013

Hello to everyone! well today i started my day off by going to a town called Owatonna minnesota to their main city park and so i started to metal detect and after about a couple of minutes i found this really nice gold chain necklace. not bad for about five minutes of doing what you love to do best. and it’s  a lot of  fun, cause you just never know what your gonna find under that soil!! well until next time may everyone have a blessed and wonderful night!!

My Treasure For 10/20/2013

Top of the day to Everyone! well today I started my day off by going to the town of Albert Lea Mn. to a park at Sibley-Southwest High School. so i started to treasure hunt and after about 5 minutes i found my 13th and 14th ring. and a little over  $4.00 in change. and so i kept hunting and to my surprise I found this really cool looking Cross. today turned out to be another successful day. i had a lot of fun and i only dug up just a little trash which i threw away. well until next time may everyone have a Blessed and wonderful day. and to everyone that reads my findings i thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!  Good Day to all!!Two more Rings!Cross Trinket

My Treasure Finds For 10/11/2013

Hello to everyone, well today i started my day off by going to a park in Albert Lea Mn, and i took some video of the park i was at, i will post it on my you tube channel. anyway’s i was only there for about a half hour and found a bunch of coins, no relics this time. until next time may god bless you all and have a blessed and wonderful day!!More Coins

My Treasures For 10/02/2013

Hello to Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day cause i sure did. i started my day off by just going to the local park in my home town in Lake Mills Iowa. and i went over by the pool and i only found $1.26 but the way i see it is it’s gas money and it all spends the same lol! I was only treasure hunting for about a half hour today but it sure was a very nice day out today. well that’s it until next time, may you all have a blessed and wonderful day!Coins

My Metal Detecting Finds For 10/01/2013

Hello to Everyone, well today I started my day off by going to a town called North wood Iowa to a park called Sylvania Park and so I started metal detecting and after about 5 minutes i found my 10th ring, and so i kept on and i found another ring, and after about a total of 45 minutes i found another ring and about $9.47 cents. i guess today was my lucky day. here is a picture of these rings i found. all together i found a total of 12 Rings yeah!! well until next time may god bless you all and have a blessed and wonderful day!!

Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting

My Findings For 09/12/2013

Hello Everyone! hope you all are having a great day. well today i started off my metal detecting journey by going to my local park and they have two pavillions there and right between the two pavillions i found my very first mercury Dime within about 2 minutes. boy was i very excited when i dug it up! not sure exactly what it’s worth but it’s a 1920. so it must be worth something. i will post it in my next hunt. anyway’s i continued to hunt and found 3 other dimes( up to date dimes) and 16 pennies. all in all it was a pretty nice day out, not too hot but had to quit hunting early. anyway’s i will post more on my next hunt until then God Bless Everyone!!004

My Finds For 09/10/2013

well hello everyone, today I started my day off by going to the town of wells, Minnesota and headed over to the park over there and started to metal detect and found a quarter within about a minute. so i kept going and to my surprise i found another ring within about 4 minutes of metal detecting!! i cannot express enough on how much fun metal detecting really 100_1435is because you just never know what your going to find or dig up!  my dream one day is to hook up with the diggers on the history channel. that would be fun!  anyway’s i  was at that park for no more than an hour and a half cause it was just too darn hot and muggy out. all together today i found that ring and $4.87. until next time god bless to you all!! and have a nice day!